About Office for Talents  

Established in 2018, Office for Talents is dedicated to the introduction and cultivation a contingent of excellent and outstanding talents, providing academic and intellectual support for the construction of first-class disciplines of China University of Geosciences.

Office of Talents has four subdivisions: Talent Planning Section, Talent Introduction and Development Section, Talent Service Section, and Postdoctoral Administration Section. 10 staff members, 2 of whom are part-time, gradually forming a team with a high-level educational background, appropriate age structure and complementary domain of expertise.

Duty of Office for Talents

1.Studying domestic and overseas talent policies;

2.Analyzing and planning construction and development of CUG’s talent team, and formulating relevant talent policies;  

3.Publicizing domestic and overseas talent recruitment; establishing and analyzing the dynamic database of talents information at home and abroad;

4.Introducing teaching and researching talents, conducting tracking survey of talent development and providing customized support;

5.Applying for talent programs at provincial and state level, and applying and appraising talent projects at university level;

6.Managing contracts of talents and assessing talent’s performance;

7.Managing funds for talent team construction, helping talents and experts with residence registration, housing and laboratory arrangements;

8.Planning, constructing, assessing and managing postdoctoral research stations.

Address:No. 388 Lumo Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei, 430074, China